I Should Be Back to Work Next Week

It has been something of an ordeal, but when I think about I suppose that I am lucky. While it is true that I have spent the past three weeks seeing all sorts of doctors and nurses, along with a San Jose chiropractor that has been moving the bones in my back to where they should be. It is also true that I could have died or received far more serious injuries in that accident. The doctors told me that the guy who wrecked me might lose his left leg. Of course it was hard for me to feel too sorry for him. The guy was apparently a fugitive on some really serious offenses. He had seen a police officer behind him and he had freaked out apparently. They did not know anything about him until long after they took him here in the ambulance. At first they simply thought he was on drugs, which he was and explains his paranoia.

His problems are just that, so I have to think about the problems that he left me with. I started back to work in the hospital. That was really weird and I could have made a few mistakes before I got them to cut back on the pain pills. In fact I did not realize how bad my back was until they stopped getting me stoned on that stuff. I was a lot happier when the chiropractor finished, although I was really nervous after I realized that there was a good deal of risk in it. The chiropractor does not magically put the bones back where they belong, a measure of force has to be applied. If it does as it should, then we all end up happy. However if it goes wrong, then it can really go wrong in terrible ways.